How to HACK Wifi Password on Your Android Phone – Latest 2018

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DISCLAIMER: All the information in this video is only for educational purpose and does not in anyway encourage hacking. The real purpose of this video as already stated is prevention from hack attempts.

We do NOT promote Hacking! We are documenting the way hackers steal and performs activities. So it can be useful to Protect yourself.

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Today i am going to talk about an Android app that is used for hacking. WIBR+ is a free android app which is capable of cracking the WiFi passwords. It is basically designed to test the security of various security encryptions like the WPA , WPA2 WiFi networks, but it can be  used to crack the weak WiFi passwords.

It basically supports two types of attacks — Bruteforce Attacks and Dictionary Attacks. It also allows you to use custom the dictionaries!


How To Use The WIBR+

First of all, you would have to download and install WIBR+ on your android device (you can find the download link in the description).?

After this,
Open the app, you will see a screen.?

Now tap on the “ADD NETWORK“, you will find the nearest WiFi networks.?
Now select the WiFi network you want from the list, for now i will try to crack my own network, then you can see a screen.?

Select the type of attack you want. You can configure the attack according to your needs. For now i will select small dictionary attack?

Now click on “ADD TO QUEUE“, the WIBR+ will start cracking the password.?

because, the number of combinations is growing exponentially with password length. That’s why there are options like Custom alphabet and Custom mask. If you know that the password is something like admin and two digits, you can set the mask to admin[x][x] ,and select the digits alphabet.
Also,Dictionary files are just text files containing a list of passwords (one password per line).

You can get other dictionary files from the internet.

Then select the imported dictionaries and then tap on the “ADD TO QUEUE” button. The app will start attacking the network…

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