14 Awesome Drawing Hacks And Ideas

Subscribe Here: 13 Fun and Creative Photo Ideas! Instagram Photo Hacks: Supplies and tools: • Paper; • Cardboard; • Paints; • Brushes; • Nutella; • Capillary pen; • Foam rubber sponge; • Alcohol spray; • Felt-tip pens; • Slime; • Folder with a zipper; • Glue; • Squared sheet of paper; • Awl. Music: Steerner & Tobu - Alive (Extended Mix) Watch More Troom Troom SELECT:

Mixing EVERYTHING Into Slime! Aesthetic ASMR

♥ Follow me on Instagram to see what happened to this slime after a few weeks!! ♥ @maqaroon This was fun experiment to see whether we could make the prettiest slime possible using glitter, foam balls, gold leaf, cabochons, fishbowl beads and more. This was the first time I tried

18 Easy Phone Hacks + DIYs You Should Know!

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